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There are so many different sources offering advice on tipping your wedding vendors, it can make your head spin.  My Wedding has put together a handy tipping cheat sheet. While gratuity or a gift is always appreciated, it is not mandatory.  A thoughtful thank you note is also cherished by your […]


Weddings are expensive, so it is too bad that they aren’t tax deductible. But wait – though tax write-offs may not be top-of-mind when you are planning your wedding, with careful planning there are some ways you can garner a tax deduction or two. Here are some ideas: 1. The […]


Every women should have a pair of these!  SoleMates heel protectors are the hottest useful wedding accessory since waterproof mascara! They are small, clear plastic heel covers that attach easily to most stiletto and high heels… saving you from sinking into the grass… or getting caught in wood planks… or […]


Will you personally be the DJ for our reception? Have you performed at our chosen wedding venue before? If so, how did that go and what difficulties did you experience? How many weddings have you performed your services at? Do you also Emcee the reception? What does that consist of? […]


This question comes often. A catering manager is employed by the venue and primarily specializes in food and beverage sales for the venue. They are usually there on your wedding day, but often depart after the first course is served. A wedding planner is your personal consultant that interfaces with […]


You’re getting married this year–now there’s something to toast to! We all know planning a wedding can be stressful, so make resolutions to help make your lives a little easier. Here’s a great list from Naomi Gladen. Resolve not to do all the wedding planning. Brides seem to get stuck […]