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Excited to be in NYC… Making my way through the restaurants, museums, and of course shops! 


TRENDS IN COLORS & TEXTURES  A season of more eclectic, open styles.Colors play on contrasts and paradoxes to surprise us and can be mixed without restraint:– Subdued tones for reassuring elegance– Natural, restful colors– Exuberant, vivid flashes for fun and festivities– Diaphanous colors for new romanticism with an eye on […]


This inspirational board created by Fri of Wedding Nouveau, reminds me of a night my husband and I had in Moscow, when we stumbled upon an outdoor dance performance that was absolutely transcendent. We were walking back to our hotel late one night from dinner when, out of the blue, […]


I spent a lovely few days in Manhattan! Perfect weather, great food, spectacular shopping! I was lucky enough to visit Ceci New York. Each letterpress piece was exquisite, unique, and defined elegant. Thank you to Brooke, who took such great care of my bride!


Image Via Willduris.blogspot.comThe Sundance Resort is perfect for a chic, rustic destination wedding or honeymoon anytime of the year. The atmosphere is romantic, yet the area is an adventure playground. Winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding, and the rest of the year you can hike, bike, horseback ride, even […]


I took advantage of working in Salt Lake City, Utah, this week and booked a stay at Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort for the next few days. It’s been simply wonderful to decompress and take in nature at one of the most beautiful resorts in North America. I happened upon these […]


Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.  I spent a few glorious days in magical Big Sur, California. Nature and romance at its best!  I had originally planned to get married in Big Sur, so it was appropriate for my husband and I to spend our 7 year wedding anniversary there.  Big […]

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